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      This basic lawn mix is an excellent choice for any lawn overseed or reseed in any soil and any household or site. It is so easy to sow and establish, and looks great in 6-8 weeks. Keep it fed, watered and cut and hey bingo you have a smashing lawn.

      An extremely good quality lawn mixture whilst still affordable (buy now).

      GSS Basic Lawn is ideal for landscapers and household lawns, due to its growing and deep green qualities.

      It is versatile and ultra-hard wearing, keeping children and pets happy whilst allowing your inner garden enthusiast to produce a fabulous looking lawn.

      Our formulation means that this lawn mixture can last for years. If you follow some simple guidelines, it is easy.

      Buy now..!!!

      * Changes to Mixtures:
      From time to time there can be changes to mixtures, this happens mainly due to shortage of seed supplies that happen during the season. Please check the labels carefully for any changes, they will be clearly marked on each label.
      Grass Science Seeds Ltd therefore reserves the right to replace varieties which are not available with a suitable alternative.