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      Wildflower & Bees

      Wildflower & Bees

      At Grass Science Seeds, promoting safe and sustainable planting is at the heart of everything we do. For the increasing number of customers looking to create and support local wildlife habitats, we are happy to share our knowledge and help you make the right seed selection.

      Changes to the environment have caused wildlife numbers to dwindle, but by planting wildflowers we can all give nature a helping hand. Our product range includes annual, perennial and biennial seed mixtures to provide nectar and pollen all year round, as well as stunning visual displays.

      No matter what size or soil type you may have, our seeds will create a beautiful wildflower area to help your local bees and butterflies to flourish. Browse our product range or get in touch with us.

      Why You Should Consider Planting Wildflower & Bee Seeds

      Bees are natural pollinators and can help facilitate the proper growth and health of various plants and flowers. With the number of bees declining in both Europe and North America, now is the perfect time to grow wild flower meadows! Growing a wildflower meadow is a helpful solution for boosting the bee population. Studies show that an array of wildflowers can help increase bees' survival rate. You can read more about this study in Nature here


      Bees serve an important function in our natural ecosystem. Studies like the one mentioned above have shown a strong link between bumblebee survival and habitat restoration. Planting wildflower seeds helps increase bee vitality and adds an aesthetically pleasing look to your garden. These seeds bloom in multiple seasons and promote a longer growth cycle. 


      Bee preservation is an ongoing issue in worldwide conservation efforts. Adding wildflowers to your garden plant array goes a long way in supporting bees and allowing them to fulfil their natural pollination behaviours. It also helps support biodiversity and the ecosystem as a whole. We recommend adding native British wildflower seeds to your garden to help support the natural environment. They also help to introduce more vivid colours and beauty to your display. 


      Types Of Wildflower Seeds We Sell

      Bespoke Mixture

      Our Bespoke Mixture allows you the chance to build your own potting mix with our help. Our seeding specialists can help you develop a mixture that both looks good and attracts bees. If you are looking to add variety to your grass and flowers, our Bespoke Mixture is the perfect solution. It also helps to fill in dead space with native British wildflower seeds. Use this mixture to add vibrant colours and ecological diversity.

      Order Bespoke Mixture

      Bee Master Mixture

      Our Bee Mixture is specially formulated to foster a positive environment for bees. As we mentioned earlier, bees provide a valuable service to our overall conservation efforts. This mixture also attracts butterflies to your garden.

      This wildflower seed mix yields flowers rich in nectar and pollen, allowing for easy access to bees and other pollinators. Best of all, these wildflowers carry a lifetime of bloom cycles. 

      Order Bee Master Mixture

      Pollinator Plus Mixture

      This mixture provides a beautiful, colourful area of plants that support pollination. Pollinator Plus uses grasses such as Fescues to create a soil type that can withstand winter conditions. This mixture is best used with tougher soils and can thrive without any fertiliser. It is a low maintenance mix perfect for tougher climates but still yielding beautiful colours and a good environment for pollinators. 

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      Rapid Colour Wildflowers

      Looking for bright vibrant flowers but feeling impatient? Our Rapid Colour Wildflower mix is perfect for you! This annuals, perennials and biennials mix supports overlapping flowering throughout the year.

      Flowering can occur as early as 6-8 weeks from planting and will continue through winter frosts. Use this mix to achieve the best looking garden in the shortest amount of time. 

      Order Rapid Colour Wildflowers

      Wildflowers GP

      This combination mix features 80% grass and 20% wildflowers for a diverse and attractive natural array. This mix has wide applications for settings, though is commonly seen in farm environment schemes. Wildflowers GP can thrive in a wide range of soils and weather conditions.

      Flowering typically occurs from April to October. This supports longer-lasting colours and months of pollination for bees and butterflies. The bright colours come from the wildflower component of the mixture. 

      Order Wildflowers GP

      Science Behind Our Mixes

      Science is at the forefront of the seed mixtures we offer for wildflower gardens. We carefully curate these mixtures to survive in a wide variety of climate and soil conditions. We also feature products that fit multiple budgets for those gardeners looking to save money.

      Our wildflower mixtures have been tested and proven to do well the conditions outlined in their mixture descriptions. Please contact one of our team members to learn more about our set seed, grass seed, yellow rattle, and other native wildflower mixes. These 100 wildflower seed mixtures can improve your garden's look and appeal to bees and butterflies. 


      We Deliver!

      We are proud to offer free delivery on all orders within the United Kingdom. Customers in the Isle of Man, Highlands & Islands of Scotland and Northern Ireland will have to pay a small delivery charge. Most orders are dispatched within two days! Our delivery service helps you change your poor soil conditions and sow wildflower seeds without having to leave your home. You will be on your way to having a beautiful wildflower meadow. 


      Contact Our Wildflower Seeds Team

      Not sure which seeds you need? Considering combining different mixtures? You can contact one of your seeding specialists if you have any questions. They can also explain the different seed mixtures we carry and how they work.

      Our knowledgeable team is ready and happy to assist with your wildflower interests. They can also provide more information on how these wildflower seed mixtures help facilitate biodiversity and bee conservation. We are happy to support people with adding wildflowers to their garden! Our goal is to ensure you are getting the garden of your dreams. 

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