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      Lawns & Landscaping

      Lawns & Landscaping

      Grass Science Seeds is not only our company name – it’s our speciality. So when it comes to attaining the greenest, neatest and most affordable lawns, our experienced team are here to help you find the finest seed mix for your garden, no matter the size, shape or soil type.

      From adding the finishing touch to a new build property or giving your garden a much needed make-over, we have a range of single seed products and mixtures to suit. Designed for easy use (with no gardening knowledge needed!), you can create a glorious green space within your budget.

      With choices including Basic, Easy-Care, Pro Lawn, and Roadside and Banking, we’ll help you make your dream garden a reality. Our prices include tax and UK delivery – please contact us for details.

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      Why you should use our grass seeds

      Sowing grass seeds is a natural way to ensure you have a healthy looking, luscious grass garden. Grass seeds can be used to cover up any missing patches of lawn - either from accidental damage or caused due to environmental factors. 

      Our grass seed is carefully cultivated and picked, ensuring that only the best seed mixtures are packaged. We offer a variety of different grass seeds for varying usage, levels of complexity and soil type. 

      Types of Grass Seed We Sell

      Easy Care Lawn Seed

      As the name suggests, our easy care lawn seed is ideal for anyone looking for a fast and great looking lawn. Even the most inexperienced gardeners or landscapers can benefit from a rich colour green with this mix. 

      Order Easy Care Lawn Seed

      Roadside and Banking Seed

      The mixture of grasses in our roadside and banking grass mix has been specially selected to knit together and add strength. This is ideal for sloped embankments and will ensure the sward will look healthy through summer and winter. 

      Order Roadside and Banking Seed

      Pro Lawn Seed

      The Pro Lawn seed mixture is our number one professional lawn mixture and produces the highest quality and best colour grass. GSS Pro Lawn will transform your lawn into a fabulous rich carpet of super green and healthy grass plants. 

      Order Pro Lawn Seed

      Basic Lawn Seed

      The basic lawn mix is a great choice for reseeding in any soil for any household. A generic mix that covers all bases and looks fantastic in 6-8 weeks. It’s also ultra-hard wearing too, so great for gardens with children, play areas or homes with pets. 

      Order Basic Lawn Seed

      Agricultural Grass Seed

      We have a large catalog of agricultural grass seed mixture designed to help improve the efficiency of grass. We have years of experience working across the UK in different soil types and different farm challenges. 

      Order Agricultural Grass Seed

      Amenity Grass Seed

      Looking for the next level of grass seed? Our amenity grass seed mixtures are specially selected for top level golf courses, sports pitches and designed for summer and winter hard wearing. 

      Order Amenity Grass Seed

      Garden Grass Seeds Planting Process

      The steps below are vital to getting a healthy and beautiful lawn. If you skip any of these steps, it may result in your seeds not germinating or growing properly. Here is the garden grass planting process to get a gorgeous lawn in no time. 

      Choose the Right Kind of Grass Seed

      First, you are going to choose the right kind of grass seed. The type you choose will largely have to do with the climate where you live, but you can find grass species for cool-season and warm-season lawns.

      Our wide range of blended seed mixtures vary depending on how much shade is on your lawn, how much traffic goes across your lawn and more. Depending on what type of grass you choose, cool weather or warm weather grasses, when to plant your grass will differ as well.

      Don’t know which seed is best for your garden? Get in touch and one of our advisers can help you out. 

      Measure Area To Be Planted

      Before you order your grass seed, you need to measure the area that you are planting. To begin, you will need to calculate the area of your garden or the section of soil you are planting. 

      Each seed mixture requires different amounts to be sown - typically it will be described as 20-50g/m2. This means if you have a 10m2 garden you’ll want to purchase 2-5kg of grass seed. 

      Prepare Soil

      Before you actually begin planting you’ll need to prepare your soil. It needs to be loosened properly; you can do this with a spade, a tiller, or a fork. 

      You’ll also need to remove things that will inhibit the growth of your garden grass seeds. Remove weeds, rocks, and anything else that will get in the way of your grass as it grows. 

      If you know the pH levels of your soil, you can improve it by adding lime which can improve the rate at which the seeds germinate. 

      Make sure you let your soil rest for a few days before you begin planting. Once you’re ready to sow, level the soil with a rake. 

      Plant Lawn Seeds

      Once your soil has been prepared, it is time to start planting your grass seeds. You can easily do this by sprinkling the seeds with your hand, but you want to make sure you don't spread too many seeds too close together.

      Planting them too close together can inhibit the growth of some of the seed. Some gardens mix the seed in with sand or flour - this enables them to see where they’ve planted to ensure an even coverage. 

      After you spread the seeds, roll them into the soil. You can do this with a roller or a rake. Rolling your seeds into the soil means they will be embedded enough to grow and it will prevent them from blowing away in the wind. 

      This will also prevent your newly planted seeds from being eaten by birds and from washing away in harsh weather. 


      After you plant your garden grass seeds, if you don't water them and fertilise them properly, the seeds may not grow effectively. Watering your seeds is especially important right after planting. Make sure they are heavily watered to help them adjust to their new location. 

      You may wonder how often you should water new grass seeds. Ensure the soil is watered consistently for about a month. You want the soil to be moist, so never allow it to dry out.

      A common misconception is that newly planted seeds should be fertilised straight away; this can actually damage your seeds. Instead, wait to fertilise for about a month after your grass seeds germinate and grow. 


      Get Your Perfect Lawn With Garden Grass Seeds Today!

      Getting a neat and tidy lawn doesn't have to be a difficult process. Our range of grass seed mixtures have been designed to ensure you have luscious looking lawns. 

      We supply grass seed and offer easy lawn care that will help you grow a beautiful lawn. Contact us to learn more about our wide range of grass seeds and to start planting today!