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      Here at Grass Science Seeds we are very proud of our ability to provide market leading mixtures to fit every goal, objective and budget.

      Grass Science Seeds – Experience You Can Trust

      At Grass Science Seeds, we’re proud to provide quality seed supplies to meet the unique needs of the businesses we work with, from agriculture and amenity to lawns, landscaping, wildlife and bees.

      Having been established in Harrogate for over twenty years, we have developed a reputation for our experience, excellence, and exceptional customer service. Supplying to companies across the UK, we are passionate about helping our clients to achieve successful performance at cost-efficient prices.

      Seed Supplies Designed For Your Needs

      The industries we work with have all seen a vast amount of change over the past few years, which is why we work to continually improve our scientific solutions to meet the ever-changing needs of our clients. Our current product range provides a wide selection of mixtures for diverse uses, including:

      • Grass seeds for lawns, landscaping, sports turf, golf courses and additional amenity uses.
      • An agricultural range including forage seeds, maize mixtures, game cover crops and more.
      • Mixes to promote wildlife, including wildflower, stewardship and bee-attractor seed packs.
      • Further options such as clover, lucerne, energy crop, straight and bespoke seed mixtures.

      Sowing The Seeds For Business Success

      No matter what your goals, Grass Science Seeds take on every challenge afresh. We’re dedicated to providing both fantastic products and specialist knowledge using years of science and experience.

      Your business is our business. Our team will help make choosing and using our seed mixtures quick, easy and stress-free, so that you can focus on achieving a successful, sustainable and secure future.

      View our products online or contact us to find out more.