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      Here is a mixture of grasses that can look fabulous as a motorway bankside or super posh drive to a great house or school.

      The roots of these specially selected grasses will knit together strongly and add strength to the soil etc on the slope or embankment, this will mean the sward will look healthy and strong through winter and summer.

      GSS Roadside & Banking will grow thick and can produce a very thick mat of grass with no room left for weeds to grow, this is why it can fit in even on the smartest of clubs, schools or house drives. Coming out in a lovely rich deep shade of green for most of the year.

      Simply the best, and simply the easiest to establish and look after.

      Why not add some wildlife care to the mixture, take a look at our GSS Wildflowers Bespoke collections…..

      Buy now and impress your neighbours….!!!

      * Changes to Mixtures:
      From time to time there can be changes to mixtures, this happens mainly due to shortage of seed supplies that happen during the season. Please check the labels carefully for any changes, they will be clearly marked on each label.
      Grass Science Seeds Ltd therefore reserves the right to replace varieties which are not available with a suitable alternative.